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My name is Unnur Magna and  I am a professional photographer living in Iceland.

Currently, I freelance, but I have also been working for the Icelandic magazines, "Gestgjafinn", "Hús&Híbýli" & Vikan, as well as the newspaper "Mannlíf".

Ever since I got my first digital camera in 2007 I have had a real passion for photography and photo processing.  I love nature, interesting people, beautiful visions & good coffee.  Besides photography, I  also have a background in communications and transport as a Customer Service Manager.

Although art and photography are in my nature and besides the fact I have been doing it for several years I decided to turn corners three years ago and make photography my priority.  Successfully  I finished my photography degree from the Tech-School of Iceland and received my Photography Bachelor Degree, both with honours.

I specialize in Fine-Art, Portraits, and Events/Street Photography including weddings, but I am open to all assignments.   I love to photograph weddings because that gives me the opportunity to tell a story and combine everything I love most about photography, storytelling, people, nature, & details. I am also a wandering soul that absolutely loves travel photography.

My photographs are either in strong colours or black&white.

If you have any questions please contact me directly in the telephone number (+354)860-6665 or send me an inquiry through my web page or directly to  my email 

Warm regards Unnur Magna 

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