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My name is Unnur Magna and  I am a professional photographer with a Master's degree in photography living in Iceland.

Currently, I do my own projects as well as some freelance work for the Icelandic magazines, "Gestgjafinn", "Hús&Híbýli" & Vikan, as well as the newspaper "Mannlíf".

I have a fascination with people and ever since I can remember I've had a passion for photography and photo processing.  I also love nature, different cultures, beautiful visions & good coffee.  Besides photography, I  also have a long background in communications, transport, and Customer Service Management.

Although art and photography are in my nature and besides the fact I have been doing it for several years I decided to turn corners some years ago and make photography my priority.  Successfully  I finished my photography degree from the Tech-School of Iceland and received my Professional Photography  Degree, both with honors, and was rewarded the silver medal from the Reykjavík Industry Association. I also have finished my Master's / Bachelor's degree in photography and will this fall study for my teacher's permit.

I specialize in Weddings, Portraits, Family Photography, and Events/Street Photography, but I am open to all assignments.   I love to photograph weddings because that gives me the opportunity to tell a story and combine everything I love most about photography, storytelling, people, nature, & details. I am also a wandering soul that absolutely loves traveling to different cultures shooting portraits and street photography.

My photographs are either in strong colors or black&white.
I shoot on mirrorless cameras both on Canon EOS R5  Canon EOS R, and us on all occasions different lenses to get variety in the shoot.

If you have any questions please contact me either with a phone call  (+354)860-6665,  inquiry through my web page, or by email at 

Warm regards Unnur Magna 

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